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One of the best things that has happened to us by starting this site, is the opportunity to meet the many talented people performing Indian classical arts, Indian authors, dancers, singers etc.  We dedicate this page to these great artists and authors living in our midst.

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Vidushi Vijaya Rao

Natyakalabushani, Natyashree, Smt. Vijaya Rao is well-known throughout Switzerland as a Bharatanatyam dancer, teacher, choreographer and much more. She and her family run the Nateschwara Academy, Baden.


Vidwan D.Keshava

Recipient of the "Kannada Rajyotsava Award", "Natyavisharada", Sri D.Keshava is well-known throughout Switzerland as a Bharatanatyam dancer, choreographer, Yoga and Dance Teacher and musician. He and his family run the Kalasri, Basel.

Chidambaram Narayanan Mridangam Zurich

Chidambaram Narayanan

Sri Chidambaram Narayanan is a Zurich based Mridangam artiste and teacher. He has accompanied many senior Carnatic music artists and Bharatnatyam recitals. Website:

Shrirang Mirajkar

Shrirang Mirajkar

Sri Shrirang Mirajkar is a Zurich based Tabla player. Shrirang has performed with many great musicians from India, like Ustad Shahid Parvez, Ustad Sujat Khan, Sawani Shende and Smt. Maneesha Sathe, to name a few.


Pali Chandra

Guru Pali Chandra is an internationally acclaimed Kathak performer and runs Gurukul Switzerland, Baden where she conducts regular Kathak classes & workshops.


Amit Sharma Bandhavi

Sri Amit Sharma Bandhavi, a Zurich based Indian Classical Musician and teacher of Dhrupad(the most ancient Hindustani classical music) tradition. He trained with his grandfather who was a dhrupad singer in the Rewa court. He also trained with the late Ustad Zia Faiduddin Dagar and the renowned Padmashri Gundecha brothers.


Sowgandhika Krishnan

Smt. Sowgandhika Krishnan is a Zurich based dance and theatre artist. Sowgandhika Krishnan & Ensemble present Indian theatre using classical Indian dance forms.


Dr. phil. Sharmila Rao

Dr. phil. Sharmila Rao-Bansal is a Zurich based Bharatanatyam dancer and teacher. She is especially known for her research and insights on the importance of posture in Dance.


Uma Kumar

Smt. Uma Kumar, is a Basel based Carnatic singer and runs the 'Ragamalika' music school. An AIR ‘B’ graded artist, she is the grand daughter of Sri Sattur AG Subramamanya Iyer and daughter of Mrs. Lakshmi Sundaram, who is also her Guru.


Srinidhi Koushik​

Srinidhi Koushik, a Zurich based Carnatic vocalist has performed concerts in various reputed Sabhas in India, the US, Germany and Switzerland. He is a disciple of Vidwan K Rama Rao, Ganakalabhushana R K Padmanabha and Padma Shri R N Thyagarajan.

Girija Ravishankar

Girija Ravishankar

Girija Ravishankar, a Zurich based Carnatic vocalist and violinist, is a disciple of Padma Shri R N Thyagarajan ( Rudrapatnam brothers) and Dr. R N Sreelatha. She is a recipient of several awards and has performed in major Sabhas of India , the US, and Germany.


Purnima Venkatesh

Smt. Purnima Vankatesh is a Aargau based Bharatanatyam dancer and Dance teacher. (Tanjore Bhani). She also does Dance Direction in Semi-classical, Folk Fusion and conducts dance workshops.

Pranitha Kamat

Dr. phil. Pranitha Kamat Ebert

Dr. Pranitha Kamat is a Bharatanatyam performer and educator. She has developed innovative concepts and authored books that serve as educational tools for students of Indian dance. As a Biomedical Scientist, Dr. Kamat is also involved in communicating science using dance.


Priyakala Pragash

Smt. PriyaKala Pragash is a Zurich based Bharatanatyam dancer, Choreographer and Dance teacher. She is an alumni of Kalakshetra and trained under Smt.Guru.Bhawani Kugapriya from SriLanka.


Gayatri Muthukrishnan

Smt. Gayatri Muthukrishnan is a Zurich based Bharatanatyam dancer (Kalakshetra tradition) and Dance teacher. She trained under Guru Savithri Jaganath Rao and Guru Prof. M. R. Krishnamurthy.

Sarah Sangeeta Zurich

Sarah Sangeetha

Sarah Sangeetha is a Zurich based Bharatanatyam dancer, Choreographer and Dance teacher. Sarah is also an accomplished western music and dance artist, actively seeking intercultural exchange. Webpage:


Thomas Niggli

Thomas Niggli is a Zurich based Sitar player. He gives concerts and is keen on integrating the sitar into the current music. Webpage:


Anjali & Sumitra Keshava

Basel based Anjali & Sumitra Keshava are the children of Sri D.Keshava. They are both Bharatanatyam dancers, fusion dancers and Dance teachers.

Brindarica Bose

Brindarica Bose

Ms. Brindarica Bose, is an artist and art teacher. She loves painting with watercolours mainly. She also works with mixed media, pencil and oil. She is also an urban sketcher and carries her paper and pen everywhere.
Instagram: Brindarica on Instagram


Brijesh Luthra​

Sri Brijesh Luthra is the author of a bestselling children’s sci-fi/humor series: “The Incredible Adventures of Ziptux and Dibbly”. It was ranked in the top 10 books released in India in 2018.


Amrita Ray

Smt. Amrita Ray is a Baden based Hindustani classical singer and teacher, a disciple of Smt. Mita Chakraborty, Shri. Rajiv Lochan Bhatt and Shri Sunil Mukherjee. She has obtained the degree “Prabhakar” from Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad.


Manish Vyas

Musician, Meditation

Chaitali Deshpande

Chaitali Aniruddha Deshpande

Ms.Chaitali Deshpande is a Zurich based Hindustani semi-classical singer and her repertoire includes bhajans, ghazals and Bollywood songs.
Facebook: Chaitali's Vocals