Coaching classes, aids to school learning

If you are looking for additional lessons or coaching for your little ones, this page provides some ideas.

English & Maths – Kumon: This method originally from Japan, is now known all over the world.  English & Maths are taught. It starts from basics – alphabets, numbers and helps children build up proficiency over time. For more details check:

Club WUNDERMATHE: For kids who find the school courses boring, the Wundermathe club in Dubendorf and Oerlikon provides courses that help children better understand the rules of mathematics with tricky brain games, spatial 3D combinations and fun calculations – the best fitness for the brain. Website: Mathemalanders

English Phonics Style classes:

1. The Happy Nest:,en

2. A to Z English:

German Classes:

ElKi Deutsch Classes:
German classes for kids between the ages of 3.5 and 4.5 years, with parents, prior to starting kindergarten, Monday or Wednesday. Classes starting in December 2018. Webpage: