Activities for kids aged 2 to 4

Activities for kids aged 2 to 4

These are some ideas for our growing kids between ages 2 and 4, who seem to be interested in everything, always on the move and are growing/learning fast.

1. Building blocks, jigsaw puzzles, wooden train tracks from IKEA(LILLABO) – for encouraging hands on play. Ensure the Lego/Building blocks are age appropriate, use the bigger ones to avoid choking. Beware of small pieces in any toy that can cause choking.
2. IKEA, Sihlcity etc have specially designated play areas where children can be left to play, while you shop.
3. Play group sessions at the library, community centers.
4. Feeling textures are important to children, so sand pits are good for kids to play around
5. Libraries have a lot of board books, language does not matter, just pictures are important at this age
6. Encourage colour recognition, shape recognition, vegetables, fruits etc
7. Boys and girls are different, they play differently.
8. Introduce horizontal lines __ , vertical lines !, circles -O, slanting lines(forward and backward / \), semi-circles, C and inverse C… putting these together with give the uppercase alphabets.
9. Check out ‘Jolly phonics’ for introducing different sounds
10. Scooter or Early rider cycles (wooden cycles without pedals)
11. BBC CBeeBees shows are simple and by design, not over-simulating to kids
12. Rotate the toys instead of giving all at the same time, kids can get confused by too much choice and need order
13. Encourage kids to put toys back in place
14. Encourage scribbling, drawing simple shapes, colouring
15. Sugar spikes lead to hyperactivity – restrict gummy bears, candies, chocolates, sweets etc

Ikea has simple storage units – the Kallax range and baskets that fit into these shelves easily.

Pimpa (an Italian show with a dog as it’s central characters,
Barbapapa, Pingu, Karadi tales,
Mother goose club rhymes
Thomas the tank engine
Peppa Pig, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

1. Always carry a copy of your child’s vaccination record.
2. Carry sachets of Paracetamol/ Crocin, Ibuprofen during travel.
3. Change of clothes, nappies, biscuits etc during travel, if possible, carry your own food – pasta, chapatis/rotis etc
4. Carry a notebook, some crayons, colour pencils
5. One or two favourite story books
6. Travelling to India- avoid uncooked food like salads all together. Give fruits only after 3-4 days. Avoid milk sweets like Rasgulla, Rasmalayi, paneer etc as these come from milk that might not be fully boiled. Be aware of Jet lag – kids will be hungry at different times.

1. Yogurt pots
2. Fruits
3. HIPP and other bottled food
4. Baked sweet potato
5. Pasta
6. Bread, Rice crackers

Disclaimer: Please consult your Doctor before trying out any new medicine or food and your own discretion before using any  product. The views expressed here are more ideas and things that worked for us and our children, they may not work for everyone and the writers of this website do not take any responsibility what so ever for any liabilities.