Infant Care – ideas, activities and help

Monthly grant for kids from the Stadt:

The Stadts offer a monthly grant for raising children, until age 16. Please consult the HR in your work place for details.

The Stadts also offer a service called the Muetter und Vater Beratung , to support raising kids from infancy.

The literal translation is ‘mother and father advice bureau’ and the Stadts offer this free service up to ages 5. The Beratung has trained professionals with many years of experience in infant and child care. They see many children every week and pretty much have seen it all, they are a reliable source of information on nutrition, sleeping, child development. If you have a query about your infant or young child(any query – big or small), do not hesitate to contact them. They are pretty spot-on with queries, ideas, suggestions that work.

Some advice I have received from the Beratung:
1. Diaper rashes are common and painful to the infant, please check and use the diaper rash cream.
2. Pacifiers- I was initially reluctant to use Pacifiers because I did not want my child to form the habit. But using it helped soothe my child and at age 5-6 months he threw it down so many times and naturally lost interest in it, like the mid-wife from the Beratung predicted.
3. No honey until ages 2 (this goes against conventional thinking in India but worth following)
4. Breast pumps : These are handy and can be used in cases where the infant does not feed properly, to simulate milk production and for use, when the mother is not around. Check with the mid-wife before you give this a try.
5. Wind(gas) in infant – Fennel Tea, a peppermint oil to rub around the navel and “Tummy Tub” soaks – ask the mid-wife at the Beratung for dosages and names. If you are breast-feeding, avoid cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage etc.
6. Try new food with infants always in the mornings rather than evenings. In case the food does not agree with the child, there is time to go to the doctor during day light, this is especially true when an infant is first starting out with solid foods.
7. Routine is important – feeding times, naps and sleeps, bath times because they help us better judge hunger, thirst and tiredness.
8. Teething can be very painful for some infants, esp when the tooth is trying to break through the gums. Consult the mid-wife or Apotheke (pharmacy)for suggestions, they give a mild ointment to soothe the gums.
9. Diapers and toilet training: Potty training is not a competition, earlier is not necessarily better. I used the potty for big job(poo) but waited until 3 for urine training, and my son was trained in 3-4 days without any accidents, both day and night. Worked out neatly. This advice again came from my mid-wife who told me not to try before ages 3.
10. Avoid chocolates and chips completely, it is easier not to give than trying to moderate the quantity, infants and small children do not yet have this ability yet. Sugar spikes are one of the main reasons of hyperactive, uncontrollable behaviour.
11. Safety plugs for electrical outlets – safety proof electrical outlets with safety plugs especially low-lying ones.
12. Take your child out whenever you can – to the parks, the shops, the local libraries.
13. Read to your child, show them picture board books.
14. Fruit juice is especially bad for small children, the sugar harms the teeth.

Finger food:
1. Yogurt pots
2. Fruits
3. HIPP and other bottled food
4. Baked sweet potato
5. Pasta
6. Bread

Some products:
1. Rubber Alphabet blocks – these are soft and colourful and ideal as a floor covering.
2. ‘Tummy Tub’
3. Play pens :a safe place for the infant to play
4. Chicoree walker
5. Board books(the books with thick hard pages that are difficult to tear):the DK range of board books from the library or shops
6.Blenders with steamers for infants

Disclaimer: Please consult your Doctor before trying out any new medicine or food and your own discretion before using any product. The views expressed here are more ideas and things that worked for us and our children, they may not work for everyone and the writers of this website do not take any responsibility what so ever for any liabilities.