Contest Winners 9 to 12 years

When I grow up contest enteries ( 9 to 12 yrs)​

We are thrilled to present the amazing contest entries received from contestants aged 9 to 12 years. A big thank you to all our contestants and their parents!
And the winners of our contest are:

The First Prize of this category is sponsored by Amrita Ray of!

1st Prize

20 CHF

Arshia Gupta (11years, from Zug)


 I loved the fact that she really knows the job responsibility of an Architect. She might have observed an architect carefully. The picture she drew is so good with perfect lines, symmetries. Fundamentals are clear. Her drawing complimenting her write up. She drew all the basic and necessary requirements of an Architect (model, white board showing building measurements, equations, window with the outer view). For an eleven years old, this thought is commendable.

2nd Prize

15 CHF 

Vedant Chorvada (9 yrs fromLeutschenbach)

I loved his innocent write up. At the beginning genuinely he sounds confused what to be, which is very true at that age. I truely love his profession switch overs.I found his spelling mistakes very sweet and genuine. Loved his attempt and the style of expressing.

3rd Prize

10 CHF

Abhinav Rajesh (10 years from Zürich)

 So beautifully written. I am spellbound to see the maturity level and the words selection. His drawing is also complimenting his write up.

About the Judge

Amrita Ray

A child education specialist, lives in Wettingen Switzerland since 2009. Love to spend leisure time in exploring the world, painting, singing, dancing. Runs an activity centre ‘Sanrays’ with a partner.

Read more in her site –

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One thought on “Contest Winners 9 to 12 years

  • May 21, 2020 at 4:05 pm

    Thank you very much for this initiative.

    My son is very excited that his entry has been featured on the website.

    I am glad that he got an opportunity to articulate his thoughts/ideas  on what he wants to become when he grows up.

    Thanks to both of you once again.

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