Furniture, Electronics, Clothing, Kitchen in Zurich

Furniture Stores:

Stores for house-hold furniture – sofas, beds, mattresses, tables and chairs, TV stands, wardrobes, book cases, shoe stands, storage etc..

Micasa (Migros owned), IKEA, ConfoRama,  interio, pfister etc – are the furniture shops.. All stores have a discount sale post Christmas and during summer, which is widely advertised. Getting the store cards especially the IKEA Family card is recommended.

Jumbo, ‘Coop Bau and Hobby’, ‘Migros Do It+Garden’ are good for plants and  DYI.

Most furniture stores also have lamps and lights,  Lumimart is an all lamp store.

Dietlikon is home to IKEA, Jumbo etc, and Dubendorf has micasa, interio, pfister etc in the conveniently located next to each other.









Coop Bau and Hobby:

Migros Do It+Garden:


Interdiscount, Media Mart are Electronics stores. Fust has household applicances. Interdiscount is owned by Coop and the Coop supercard can be used to get points here.

Manor also has an electronic section.


Clothing & Accessories:

Chicoree, C&A, H&M, Zara, Manor, Coop City, Espirit, Desigual Schild, Globus, Jelmoli etc are some of the popular clothing stores, in increasing order of prices. Banhofstrasse is home to many designer shops. Bahnhoffstrasee and Sihlcity are popular locations to shop, though there are branches of these stores in many locations across the city.
Shoes – Oschner Shoes, Vogele, Dosenbach

Kitchen cutlery, storage, pans and pots

All  Coop and Migros have a collection of pots and saucepans, cutlery, knives etc. However, the bigger Migros(MM) and Coop Supercity, Manor, IKEA have a bigger collection worth checking.