IMZ Website Designers

Our Website related Services

New websites

We develop contemporary, elegant, responsive websites that are easy to maintain, in a cost-effective way.

Existing Websites

We can add Newsletter capability, Google Analytics, Contact Forms, Image Gallery, new Pages, Social Media integration, multi-lingual and also re-design, giving it a fresh look.


As part of regular maintenance, we can add Events, new Pages, change text/images, create and send Newsletters, Image Galleries etc keeping the site up to date.

Our Portfolio

Nateschwara, Baden

We re-designed, the website of the reputed Bharata Natyam dancer, teacher, choreographer Smt. Vijaya Rao, Baden, Switzerland, making it contemporary, elegant and mobile friendly., Zurich - the Indian Moms guide to living in Zurich. Our site is an endeavor to consolidate and present what we collectively know about Zurich.​

Shivanandam, India

We redesigned, the website of Vishwaguru Sri Shivananda, an enlightened soul living in the foothills of Himalayas. We also maintain the site, adding Events, Image Gallery and changing other content.

Location is everything

We are based in Zurich, so we have an understanding of the local culture and how things work in Zurich, with the added advantage of meeting in person and having discussions when needed. So, typical out-sourcing issues like time-zone related problems, differences in regional culture etc are largely avoided.

Our Expertise

Attractive and Responsive Design

We develop attractive and responsive, up-to-date websites using WordPress with multilingual support. We  can also assist you in buying domain names, hosting services for your website.

Content Writing​

 Content is the information you want to present on the website and we can help develop the content for you in English and also assist you in improving the quality of writing in English, where needed.

Google Analytics, SEO and Google Adsense

By integrating Google tools & SEO, we help Google find your website with ease, appear in user search queries and more. We can also help monetize your website with Google Adsense.

Social Media

We help integrate social media platforms like Facebook,Youtube, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter into the site, bringing it all together.

Contact Forms, Google Maps, GDPR compliance

We can add Contact Forms & Google Maps to help users contact you and find you easily. We can also make the site GDPR compliant(Privacy/Cookie Policy) based on the information collected on the site.

Newsletter, Whatsapp share & Events

Sharing information with your users is key and with Newsletters, Event registrations and Whatsapp Share added to the website, this becomes easier.

Gallery & E-commerce

Images & Videos are a big part of any site and we can help in the design of Image Galleries and Video Galleries. And also support the display of products  in e-shop.


We provide maintenance for the websites built by us – and can add new features, new content etc. We only bill for the number of hours we work rather than a monthly contract making it flexible for you to contact us only when needed.


Our enhancement package for existing website includes defect fixes, adding new features to the web design like Newsletters, change in look and feel, Image Gallery or any of the features mentioned above. The billing is based on the number of hours worked.