Showcase your work with us!

We see a lot of wonderful work, both adults and children – budding musicians creating their own Youtube music channels, budding authors, chefs, bakers, photographers, illustrators, artists sharing info on social media pages, blogs etc, talent in myriad forms! This week, we invite you to share your work with us. The only caveat is the site/blog should be informative, free and non-business.

Kids Showcase: If you children have their
Youtube channels,
Facebook pages etc, please share this with us. We would love to present this in a new Showcase page and send it in our weekly newsletter.

Adults showcase: If you have/write a blog, website, books, Youtube channel, Facebook pages etc, we we invite you to kindly share this with us.

Kindly write to us @ before 30.May.2020. Please include your Name, contact email id(optional), a short description of less than 30 words.

Looking forward with excitement! Thank you.

Because Sharing is Caring ..