Libraries, Book stores in Zurich

There is a very strong reading culture in Zurich, children are regularly taken to libraries from schools and by parents. The local libraries are teeming with kids during vacation and half-days. Here is some info on libraries and books stores with English books in Zurich.


Located within a walking distance to Zurich HB or the main station (the closest tram shop is Central or Rudolph Brun Brucke on Tram 4), the Central Library is a free library run by the University Of Zurich. It is located in a beautiful building and is ideal as a quiet stop for studying, researching. We recommend you visit it at least once. Take your Resident Card with you to enrol as a member. This library has both English and German books, the books can be searched via an online catalogue.

PH Zurich Bibliothek: The PH Zurich Bibliothek  is a free library of the Padagogic Hochschule Zurich.

Pestalozzi bibliothek Zurich PBZ:
The library is located in 14 different locations across Zurich – Seefeld, Oerlikon, Sihl City etc. This library has a small English section for both children and Adults. The library has a small annual membership. And one membership entitles usage in all locations, and books can be dropped off in any of the locations.
The library located in Old Town has a decent selection of English Fiction and is located quite close to the Zentralbibliotique.

American Women’s Club Zurich: ENGLISH books
An all English library for both adults and kids, this library is located in Hoschgasse, just a few tram stops from Bellevue/Stadelhofn. This library is very well stocked with English books for all ages. The library is run by the American Women’s Club Zurich, a library only membership is avialable for a nominal annual fee.

English Book Stores

English books in Swiss stores are quite expensive compared to other cities or countries. Orell Fusili is one of the book stores that sells English books. Fleamarkets in Hoschgasse, the Facebook group ‘Secondhand In Zurich’, the English Forum etc are places to scoure for second-hand English books.

Orell Fussli is a book store in many locations across Zurich, with a section devoted to English books for all ages. The store located at Rennweg has a good collection of English books.

Pile Of Books near Banhof Wiedikon is a cosy drop-in place exclusively for English books of many genres especially Fiction.

PH Zurich: The PH Zurich(Europallee) also has a good collection of children’s literature in English, French and German.

Online Bookstores:
Book Depository:, this online store has free delivery worldwide.

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