Local Grocery shops in Zurich

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Coop, Migros, Lidl, Denner, Aldi, Spar are some of the most widespread local grocery shops, with branches across the city. They have everything from fruits, vegetables, dairy, cleaning supplies, stationery, pretty much everything you need. They have outlets throughout the city and throughout Switzerland. Organic products are marked as ‘Bio’.

Migros has three variety of products to cater to the purses – the Budget (Migros Budget) cost less, the normal Migros(without any added name) and the Migros Classic which is their Premium brand. Migros has an entire organic section called ‘Al Natura’ in all its shops. An all ‘Al Natura’ shop is located in Oerlikon. Migros comes in M, MM sizes – denoting the size of the shop floor. MM are bigger than M stores and have a lot more merchandise.

Coop has a budget variety labelled as ‘PREIS’ that tend to be cheaper.
There is a regular Coop, ‘Coop to go’ (for food and juice) and the Coop City – a larger store with everything from curtains, clothing, kitchen, toys etc. There is a Coop City in Bellvue, one in Bahnofstrasse and in Oerlikon. Migros has the regular Migros and the Migros, MM which are larger Migros.

Coop and Migros have shop-cards and applying for these are simple, the forms are available at the counters. For every CHF spent at the store, some points are added to the card. The points accumulate quite fast. With a Coop supercard, these points can be redeemed for purchases at Coop City. With Migros Cumulus Cards, discount coupons are sent by post and they can be used in the store.

Coop also runs ‘loyalty -discounts’ on certain branded kitchen items – where a sticker is awarded for every 10 chf spent and once 23 are collected, they can be redeemed for the branded items at a discount(upto 70%).

Lidl has a weekly offer, that they advertise through their app.

Manor Food and Globus also have food sections – with vegetables and grocery, these are on the high end stores. 

Farmer’s Markets:

Farmer’s markets are a delight, and are held in different parts of Zurich city on different days of the week. Farmers bring in their produce directly, organic(bio) and regular vegetables, plants, lovely lovely flowers, homemade cheese, pickles. On Tue mornings and Fri mornings, Burkliplatz is home to these markets. On Wednesday mornings, a small section of this market is open at the main station, Zurich HB. The market is held at Oerlikon on Saturday mornings.

Check out the links below for more information:

https://www.zuercher-maerkte.ch/ –> has the area names and timings.