Parks, Zoos, Museums in Zurich

Zurich city and its sorroundings are home to many theme parks, zoos and museums and these are well loved and well visited. The museums – especially the Science, Art, Transport, museums have various hands-on activites that are both fun and educative.


1. Zurich Zoo:
The Zurich Zoo is a great place to take kids especially the younger ones in all weathers.  The zoo is home to a lot of animals including lions, tigers, elephants, penguins etc. There  are a few play areas across the zoo, climbing ropes and sand pits where kids can play outside in warm weather. When it gets too cold, or rainy, there are indoor acquarium, the Masoala Rainforest, the enclosed Elephant area etc  for children to walk around. If you are a frequent visitor, the Annual Passes make it so much more affordable than a buying tickets each time.

2. Rapperswill Zoo:

Indian Moms Zurich
A kids zoo with elephants, camels, lemurs (King Julian and his tribe from the movie Madagascar), Giraffes, Zebras etc is located at Rapperswill, about 36 to 45 minutes by train from Zurich HB.
Elephant rides, feeding the elephants, pony rides , a horse drawn train are some of the key attractions to this lovely Zoo. Kids will love this place.

3. Basel Zoo:
Basel is about an hour away from Zurich by train and the Basel zoo is great zoo  to take kids to and has giraffes, Rhinos, Gorillas, hippos, pygmy hippos, bisons and a whole lot of other animals. A perfect whole day activity for parents and kids alike.

Theme Parks

1. Trompolino, Dietikon:
Trampolino is a fun indoor theme park for children from age 2 with multiple attractions. Check out the website for details of the attractions.

2. Connyland:
Connyland is another fun theme park, with multiple areas of play. Check out the website for details of the attractions.


1. Art Museum – Kunst Museum
Home to many masterpieces esp Impressionism – Manet, Van Gogh, Cezzanne, Monet and others, the museum is a must for any serious art lover. There a couple of large water lily paintings by Monet that are really really big, that literally take the breath away.

2. The Rietberg Museum
This museum located a short distance from Bahnhof  Enge is located in a beautiful villa and is home to art from across the world and many exhibitions.

3. MuDA: The Museum of Digital Art
The MuDA run a free educational program for children called Kibits, which is fun and educative. For details, please check:

4. Technorama, the Swiss Science Center
The Swiss Science Center, Technorma  is located in Winterthur and is a science museum with various experimental areas set up for kids and adults to explore.

5. Verkehrhaus or The Swiss Transport Museum, Lucerne
The Swiss Transport museum is a great museum  with train engines, models of the tunnel boring machine, air travel etc. There is a lot of hand-on things for kids to do – from simulators to drive  trains, to loading barges in a water canal, construction site, bungee-jumping. In addition, there is a theatre with lovely documentaries.
Set in beautiful Lucerne, the museum is located close to the Lucerne lake with beautiful views of Mount Rigi.

6. Tram Museum, Zurich
This museum displays trams, ticket machines etc and is located on Tram Line 11. This small museum is especially recommended for smaller kids and is only open on certain days of the week. Please check the web page for details of opening days and times. This museum is also a good place to celebrate birthdays.

7.  Dinosaur Museum Aathal:
For dinosaur enthusiasts, there is a Dinosaur museum at Aathal. Check the website for details of the attractions.

8. FIFA football museum:
For football enthusiasts, there is FIFA museum located right in the heart of Zurich city. Check the website for details of the attractions.

9. Bodensee Planetarium:
For space enthusiasts, there is a planetarium at Bodensee. Check the website for details of the attractions.

10. Umwelt Arena:
The Umwelt Arena at Spreitenbach is an environment arena focusing on sustainability, environmentally friendly products, ecological footprints and helps understand human impact on environment . Check the website for details of the attractions.

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