Restaurants with local flavour in Zurich

Zurich is home to many different cuisines and restaurants, big and small. Here we have listed the ones that are economical and serve Vegan, Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian cuisine.

The VEGELATERIA – the first vegan restaurant in Zurich, this restaurant run by volunteers of Sri Chinmoy is a delight indeed. The restaurant is one of the well-kept secret gems of Zurich! The Seminar room hosts many interesting spiritual and healing events.

Coop and Migros restaurants: Both Coop City and Migros have restaurants with a buffet styled eating and take-aways.

MANOR – The Manora restaurant, located in Bahnhofstrasse is part of the Manor shop and has a variety of food from salads to pasta, juices and desserts.  This self-serve restaurant has  some  sections where individuals orders can be placed like pasta, pizzaa etc and a huge buffet to choose, which goes by plate size.

TIBITS and HILTL– these self-serve restaurants serve a whole buffet of vegetarain foods, many Indian based  and the food is priced by weight.  Tibits is located close to Stadelhofn and in Oerlikon. Hiltl is located at Banhofstrasse (Rooftop-Hiltl) and Sihlpost (House Hiltl) among other locations.

Located in various parts of the city, this chain has a pre-dominant Italian menu with pasta, risotto etc.

For info on Indian restaurants – please visit Indian restuarants in Zurich page.