Zurich- Local farms

The following farms have the farm shops open and are supplying fresh milk and Yogurt in addition to the other seasonal produce. Kindly check the shop timings and details in the webpages.
https://www.leimbihof.ch/ – Zurich
https://www.erlebnishof-tuefi.ch/ – Zurich Adliswill
https://www.zieglermetzg.ch/ – Zurich Oerlikon
https://www.stockengut.ch/hofladen/ – Zurich Kilchberg, Farm shop open, Vending machines open 24 hrs
www.riedenholzhof.ch – Zurich Seebach
https://www.juckerfarm.ch/hofladen/ – Jucker Farm Shop

Online Farmy.ch: click here to shop fresh farm produce online